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January 21, 2012
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Thank you. Please, take care of him. Watch after him – SH

Oh, I know. I'll water him twice a week – Molly

Don't, Molly. Don't try to joke – SH

Sorry - Molly

How is he? – SH

Depressed. He misses you – Molly

I knew he would. – SH

How about you? How are you? – Molly

Bored. And terrified by food. That bigos thing looks strange – SH

Oh! I heard it's good! Fetch me some? – Molly

How? I won't be in London for... I don't know how long – SH.

Here, have a picture of bigos – SH

You're right. It looks strange – Molly

He got himself a puppy – Molly

Oh God. It's worse than I thought – SH

Yup. It's a bulldog. Gladstone! It's drooling everywhere and it's rather lazy – Molly

He should have gotten himself a Labrador. At least he didn't call him Sherlock – SH

He was thinking about it. I told him it was stupid – Molly

Thank you – SH

He has a girlfriend – Molly

Fascinating – SH

Her name is Mary. She's nice. He looks happy. He's still sad, inside. I saw him yesterday, he cried a little – Molly

Hug him for me, please? – SH

I'm doing it anyway – Molly

They're getting married. John and Mary – Molly

Do you even care? – Molly

How are you? – Molly

Busy – SH

The wedding was today – Molly

Great – SH

He would really need you right now – Molly

Why? He has a wife now – SH

She was shot when they left the church – Molly

Sherlock? Did you get my text? Mary was shot – Molly

Hello? – Molly

I got it, all right? – SH

Oh, okay. Sorry. He's sad, he cried on my arm. He's sleeping here tonight – Molly

Take good care of him, will you? – SH

That's what I've been doing for the past three years, right? – Molly

Don't let him do anything stupid – SH

I won't. He just said me she was pregnant. He's devastated – Molly

Hug him from me – SH

How are you? – SH

Wow, that's new. You never asked – Molly

Why are you asking anyway? – Molly

I'm just being curious – SH

Um. Fine. I met with John yesterday. He's in bad shape so I let him sleep on my couch. Again. I think he likes it here, since I still believe in you and I don't hide it – Molly

Of course there is also that cute bloke with big ears... Henry? That one from the Hound case! – Molly

Is he at your place...? – SH

Who? Henry? I wish. – Molly

No. John – SH

Not tonight but he left Gladstone here. He went to Harry's – Molly

And I was afraid you would get yourself a dog. Cats are better for you. Would you be so nice as to open the door?  – SH

Molly stood up from chair, almost dropping her phone.

You're HERE? At my door?! – Molly

Yes – SH

What are you even doing here?! – Molly

Are you going to open it? It's freezing out there – SH

What are you doing in London?! – Molly

Well, there's the last of Moriarty's people I need to get rid off and I'm free. I have everything to clear my name. That person is probably the one who killed Mary. He's here in London, waiting for me, and if I don't stop him now, John will be the next victim. Now. Open. The. Door! I AM FREEZING HERE! – SH

She ran to the door and opened it quickly. She looked at Sherlock – oh, he was a bloody ginger now – and almost cried. He looked so tired.

"Come in. I'll fetch you some tea and feed you. You look terrible."

She hugged him tight.

"What's that smell...?"

"Bigos. You wanted some so I brought you some..."

She smiled a little.

"Welcome home, Sherlock. I mean... To London..."

She saw a small smile on his face.

"It's good to see you. Thanks for taking care of him, and... for everything. Thank you for being my friend, Molly."

Oh, why would he say such a thing? She was going to cry... She had always been his friend; he just didn't realize it for such a long time. But it was okay; he trusted her in the end. Well, it was Sherlock after all – always too busy with his thoughts to notice that people cared about him.

"It's good to have you here!"

A small, tired smile appeared on his face.

"It's good to be back."
Sherlock's and Molly's friendship after the TRF.

NOW IN RUSSIAN! :blush: [link]

"Sherlock" belongs to BBC.
Sherlock Holmes and John Watson belongs to everyone.
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Oh my poor heart. This is just so wonderful it hurts.
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